Bespoke Handmade Leatherwork
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Measuring Guide

Ordering a bespoke dog collar, belt or browband?

Please read the measuring guide to ensure you order the correct size.

Dog Collars

When measuring for your new dog collar, the best option is to measure the internal length of a current collar adjusted to how you like it fitted. To do this, remove the collar from your dog and do it up as the desired fitting, then with a flexible tape measure measure around the inside of the collar. This length will be where the middle hole will fit on your new collar.

Internal collar length

You can also measure around your dogs neck. Place the tape measure around your dogs neck where the collar will sit and to a tightness that you like.

We will use the measurements provided as the internal measurement and add 2 larger and 2 smaller holes for adjustment. 


The best way is to measure your current belt from the inside of the buckle to the hole that is used most (like with the dog collars). You can also use a tape measure and measure around your waist where your belt will sit.

We will add 4 larger and 4 smaller holes for adjustment.

When measuring for the cartridge belt remember to allow for extra layers that may be worn during the colder months.


To measure your browband remove it from your bridle and lay it on a flat surface. Using a tape measure, measure the browband.

Next measure the width of your headpiece, this will allow us to make the loops the correct size for your bridle.

Rifle Bolts

When measuring for the rifle bolt case we need the overall measurement of the bolt that you want to use in the case and the measurement from the under the bolt handle to the end of the bolt.